Samdoe 2002 Ltd has a track record of sound industrial relations of which we are justifiably proud.
Prevailing labour legislation forms the basis of our operating procedures and policies. However, we view legislation as our minimum operating standard and have developed and implemented procedures and policies specifically geared towards ensuring harmonious work relationships which, in turn, contributes to the completion of major projects on time, within budgeted costs and with the least amount of disruption.

Periodically, we enter into specific agreements (i.e. recruitment) with local organizations, such as local community structures in order to ensure that certain needs of labour in the geographical areas in which we operate are accommodated.



The Company is committed to the training and development of Human Resources at all levels by investing in time and money. We support the principle of upliftment of skills and multi-skilling of our employees.

Upgrading and upliftment of skills will form an integral part of our work/manpower utilization on a planned and ongoing basis.

Our philosophy is that the success of the Company depends on the quality of its people.
We support the notion that contractors should have a social responsibility towards general upgrading of skills of local in the area where the project is located.

Samdoe 2002 Ltd promotes consultation meetings consisting of elected employee representatives and management to communicate all requirements on employments, safety and production issues. We are committed to promote team work towards the goal of improving work relationships / conditions and therefore Quality of work.